Dear Indian Road User,

Welcome to the blog of the Delhi Public School Traffic Brigade! The DPS Traffic Brigade is a group of concerned students and teachers who have joined together to raise awareness amongst the general public in Surat especially our youth who will be future road users. This blog is a platform for sharing information amongst the student community and also the general public in Surat. It is also meant to raise awareness by interaction with the members of our Traffic Brigade and also share the knowledge of the road rules and regulations so that students become responsible and safe users of the Indian Roads. You may be a Two Wheeler Rider or a Four Wheeler Driver or even a Pedestrian or Pillion rider, this website will be useful for you.

The video given below will give you a glimpse of the dangers lurking in the Indian city roads. If you find it disturbing ‘Do not watch it’- go to the Blog Section or the Road Safety Knowledge Centre to learn more about traffic rules. There are more videos in the Videos section if you want to learn more about how accidents take place in India and how we can prevent them from taking place.The blog section will get daily posts on traffic safety and they will also reflect the work of the DPS Traffic Brigade members who are Students and Teachers of Delhi Public School Surat and Tapi. In case you need any other information or you have any other suggestions please get in touch with us through the contact page by leaving a message there.