Two Wheeler Riders

Dear Two-Wheeler Rider,

Take care! you are the most vulnerable on the road. Two wheelers occupy less road space, consume less fuel and hardly damage roads. All plus points. But, unfortunately, there are many irresponsible two wheeler riders. For you and for other road users, driving can be pleasant if the following rules observed.

• Stick to the left lane and leave the right lane to faster traffic.

• Don’t view through traffic stick to your lane. • Never over take on the left.

• Wear a helmet for your safety • Don’t push your way forward through any opening in the traffic at traffic signals.

• 2 stroke engines are big polluters because of carbon monoxide emission. Keep your engine tuned.

• Do not over speed. The time you gave is negligible.

• Do not use horn unnecessarily.

• Remember you are vulnerable: in any collision you are more in danger than car or bus.