Traffic Awareness Activity for young future road users at DPS Tapi

Delhi Public School Tapi conducted an awareness program for their Junior school students to educate them about road safety and traffic rules. It is a great effort by the teachers to catch them young. Keep up the good work! We wish more schools try to do such activities and create awareness amongst the future road users.

“Our Rescue Tools” by Aditi Sethi – Class – VII – D – DPS Surat

Our life is same as a tree. Sometimes, a huge healthy tree is suddenly cut down; all its happiness is taken away. Same way, our life is full of ups and downs. Tools, we use them to repair things so that they work for a long period of time. Rules perform the same function. They are made for our safety but the problem is that from the past 8 years instead of decrease in number of accidents, they are increasing in a large number. We people don’t follow them loyally and so the next day we find ourselves lying on a hospital bed with fractures all over the body and are paying some 50 dollars to the doctor just because we wanted to escape a fine of 5 dollars. some sentences should be kept in our mind like ” wear a helmet or meet the hell”, “threesome on a bike can never be awesome”, “angry with your life?, then drink and drive and then arrive in heaven” last but not the least, hereby I conclude by saying that it is better to be late than never and don’t forget to use these rescue tools.

Aditi Sethi

Class – VII – D

Delhi Public School Surat

“Road Rage” by Umang Ramani – Class – VII – D – DPS Surat

In the early times when the number of vehicles were very less on the roads in our country, there were no serious needs for traffic rules and regulations. But with the constant growth in number of vehicles the road is flooded with different kinds of  vehicles. With the constant growth in vehicles many traffic chaos on the roads particularly in India. About 80,000 people are killed every year in India. All kinds of people drive the vehicles and especially the under 18 teenagers who put their life at risk by illegally riding vehicles. Few honest people only follow rules and regulations. Usually youngsters drive very roughly without wearing a helmet without any knowledge of traffic rules. While driving a car some people do not wear seat belts. Reckless driving of teenagers may be dangerous not only to themselves but to all other road users. Motorists and two wheeler riders driving at high speed on narrow roads may also lose their lives. When the road is vacant some people think that nobody will come in between the road and accidents generally occur on these roads.


Umang Ramani

Class – VII – D

Delhi Public School Surat


Life, Death and Following Traffic Rules by Apurva Rakesh – Class – VII – C – DPS Surat

I’m pretty sure that all those who are reading this article have broken at least one traffic rule in their life. It may be missing a red light or underage driving and quite a few times wondered how really these rules help us. Although I’d love to say that they’ve been made by the government for earning extra money but that’s not the case. Believe it or not these rules may prove to be the line between life and death for somebody, a red light for an elderly person who cannot cross roads like those young runners. These rules just don’t work for the drivers of the vehicle but for every citizen who uses the roads. Sometimes we don’t realise this but they do.

Apurva Rakesh

Class – VII – C

Delhi Public School Surat

Importance of Following Traffic Rules by Megh Shah – Class – VII- C – DPS Surat

“At high speeds, try slowing down and not put a full stop to your life.”

These immortal words are undoubtedly true.
Gone are those good days when there were safety/health concerns of the people. People used bicycles to get around and only the rich had cars that did not exceed 60 kmph. Now, in this fast world, there is ‘Need for Speed’ as cars can exceed 300 kmph!
To help people reach their destinations safely, traffic rules were created. Almost half of the people injured in traffic accidents are following traffic rules, well that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t follow them but those who don’t, should follow them, else nobody would get anywhere!

Megh Shah

Class VII-C

Delhi Public School Surat


“Better Late Than Never” by Kalash Vimawala – Class – VIII-F – DPS Surat

It is rightly said ” Better Late Than never” because when a person is in a hurry to reach his destination and breaks the signal, the result usually is that he lands up in a hospital. Always remember that ‘ Every Rule Counts’. Sometimes you might think that you don’t need a helmet because you drive slowly, but an accident may happen due to rash driving of the other person. So, ‘Be safe, drive safe’. Boys and girls below the age of 18 years are not permitted to ride a vehicle since they lack the maturity and sense of responsibility required. Always wear seatbelt while travelling in a car. Traffic rules are made for our safety, followers are winners. Rules and signals are to prevent confusion and accidents.

Kalash Vimawala

Class VIII-F

Delhi Public School Surat

Why do we need Traffic Rules by Varnika Kanodia – Class VIII-F – DPS Surat

Reckless driving just may be your ticket to some place out of this world! The enchantment of technology and the start of urbanization have transferred the standard living of individuals in travelling and moving commodities from one place to another. These changes have brought upon difficulties and problem of travelling due to unavoidable traffic congestions, especially at rush hours! Every day many people are involved in accidents. Some are injured or maimed. So many children become orphans and so many spouses lose their loved ones. It is necessary to have rules everywhere, for the smooth functioning of the pedestrians and vehicles. If there were no traffic rules then it would be a picture of total chaos and confusion. Signs, Signals and rules and regulations are used to make priority precise and function in a discipline manner! These rules are not for the policemen but they are for you. Giving a few bucks to the policeman can save you from the police, but how many bucks would you offer God when he would seek your life, after the accident. So,


Varnika Kanodia


Delhi Public School Surat