“Road Rage” by Umang Ramani – Class – VII – D – DPS Surat

In the early times when the number of vehicles were very less on the roads in our country, there were no serious needs for traffic rules and regulations. But with the constant growth in number of vehicles the road is flooded with different kinds of  vehicles. With the constant growth in vehicles many traffic chaos on the roads particularly in India. About 80,000 people are killed every year in India. All kinds of people drive the vehicles and especially the under 18 teenagers who put their life at risk by illegally riding vehicles. Few honest people only follow rules and regulations. Usually youngsters drive very roughly without wearing a helmet without any knowledge of traffic rules. While driving a car some people do not wear seat belts. Reckless driving of teenagers may be dangerous not only to themselves but to all other road users. Motorists and two wheeler riders driving at high speed on narrow roads may also lose their lives. When the road is vacant some people think that nobody will come in between the road and accidents generally occur on these roads.


Umang Ramani

Class – VII – D

Delhi Public School Surat


Life, Death and Following Traffic Rules by Apurva Rakesh – Class – VII – C – DPS Surat

I’m pretty sure that all those who are reading this article have broken at least one traffic rule in their life. It may be missing a red light or underage driving and quite a few times wondered how really these rules help us. Although I’d love to say that they’ve been made by the government for earning extra money but that’s not the case. Believe it or not these rules may prove to be the line between life and death for somebody, a red light for an elderly person who cannot cross roads like those young runners. These rules just don’t work for the drivers of the vehicle but for every citizen who uses the roads. Sometimes we don’t realise this but they do.

Apurva Rakesh

Class – VII – C

Delhi Public School Surat

“Better Late Than Never” by Kalash Vimawala – Class – VIII-F – DPS Surat

It is rightly said ” Better Late Than never” because when a person is in a hurry to reach his destination and breaks the signal, the result usually is that he lands up in a hospital. Always remember that ‘ Every Rule Counts’. Sometimes you might think that you don’t need a helmet because you drive slowly, but an accident may happen due to rash driving of the other person. So, ‘Be safe, drive safe’. Boys and girls below the age of 18 years are not permitted to ride a vehicle since they lack the maturity and sense of responsibility required. Always wear seatbelt while travelling in a car. Traffic rules are made for our safety, followers are winners. Rules and signals are to prevent confusion and accidents.

Kalash Vimawala

Class VIII-F

Delhi Public School Surat

Why do we need Traffic Rules by Varnika Kanodia – Class VIII-F – DPS Surat

Reckless driving just may be your ticket to some place out of this world! The enchantment of technology and the start of urbanization have transferred the standard living of individuals in travelling and moving commodities from one place to another. These changes have brought upon difficulties and problem of travelling due to unavoidable traffic congestions, especially at rush hours! Every day many people are involved in accidents. Some are injured or maimed. So many children become orphans and so many spouses lose their loved ones. It is necessary to have rules everywhere, for the smooth functioning of the pedestrians and vehicles. If there were no traffic rules then it would be a picture of total chaos and confusion. Signs, Signals and rules and regulations are used to make priority precise and function in a discipline manner! These rules are not for the policemen but they are for you. Giving a few bucks to the policeman can save you from the police, but how many bucks would you offer God when he would seek your life, after the accident. So,


Varnika Kanodia


Delhi Public School Surat

It is Better to be Safe than Sorry by Aastha Goswami – Class VII-A – DPS Surat

With the constant growth of vehicle ownership each year, traffic chaos on Indian roads are apparently an unremitting problem. About 80,000 people are killed each year in car crashes which is the 13% of the fatalities in the world.

Following traffic rules can mark the distance between life and death on highways. Only if you are alert while driving, you can live to see another day. A conscientious person may observe all the rules in the rule book, but if the driver behind him doesn’t, he may end up on the accident victim’s list.

The need of the hour is “safety”. On the roads, for that we Indians have to obey the protocols and we need to implicate the much important road sense among us because breaking regulation endangers the lives of pedestrians and other drivers for which for which government can’t be blamed.

Aastha Goswami

Class VII-A

Delhi Public School Surat

Follow Traffic Rules by Anoushka Paliwal – Class VII-A – DPS Surat

It is necessary to follow the traffic rules. If we don’t follow it, we will meet with accidents or have to pay fine. There are many safety rules.

  • One of them is wearing a helmet. If we don’t wear helmet while riding scooters or bicycle, there can be accidents and damage to our brain which can cause death or loss of memory.
  • Another thing is that we should always follow the traffic signals. But many of them do not follow it and instead, during in green light, they pass when the Yellow light is on. There are three signals: “Red”, “Yellow” and “Green” and all three signals have its functions but many people don’t follow it.
  • One should never drink and drive. It can cause death.
  • Now- a- days, vehicles are parked in NO PARKING zones, which is very wrong. Their vehicles are towed away by the police and they have to pay fine to get their vehicles back.

These are some of the rules, which we have to follow while driving.
Anoushka Paliwal

Class VII-A

Delhi Public School Surat

A Way to Use Roads Safely by Smitul Vachchani – Class VII – B DPS Surat

BREAKING NEWS!!!! Senior Politician Gopinath Munde died in a road accident. Experts stated that this could be prevented if he had worn a seat belt. Isn’t it sad??

Road accidents happen due to recklessness, carelessness, over-confidence of the drivers, not respecting traffic regulations, jumping the red light and wrong overtaking especially on highways. So let’s tune in to road safety. One should use a pedestrian crossing to cross roads. Helmets and seatbelts should be used. Vehicles should be in a good condition. Distraction of any sort can cause our life to destruction. So let’s take a pledge to follow traffic rules and use roads safely and for a longer time.


Smitul Vachchani,
Class VII – B
Delhi Public School Surat

Respecting Traffic Rules … Respecting LIFE… by Krishi Mittal – Class VII – B – DPS Surat

Obeying traffic rules marks the difference between life and death on the highway. Only if you are alert while driving, you can live to see another day. The thumb rule is tolerance and respecting traffic rules and regulations. Incidents like driving in the wrong lanes and jumping of red lights is a common sight in India. These incidents, endangers the lives of the pedestrians and other vehicle drivers. No matter how good we are on wheels, we often end up in trouble on the road. This proves that being good behind wheels is not enough. Driving is an art so learn it. It is better to be safe than sorry. So better be late than never.

Krishi Mittal
Class VII – B
Delhi Public School Surat