“Our Rescue Tools” by Aditi Sethi – Class – VII – D – DPS Surat

Our life is same as a tree. Sometimes, a huge healthy tree is suddenly cut down; all its happiness is taken away. Same way, our life is full of ups and downs. Tools, we use them to repair things so that they work for a long period of time. Rules perform the same function. They are made for our safety but the problem is that from the past 8 years instead of decrease in number of accidents, they are increasing in a large number. We people don’t follow them loyally and so the next day we find ourselves lying on a hospital bed with fractures all over the body and are paying some 50 dollars to the doctor just because we wanted to escape a fine of 5 dollars. some sentences should be kept in our mind like ” wear a helmet or meet the hell”, “threesome on a bike can never be awesome”, “angry with your life?, then drink and drive and then arrive in heaven” last but not the least, hereby I conclude by saying that it is better to be late than never and don’t forget to use these rescue tools.

Aditi Sethi

Class – VII – D

Delhi Public School Surat

Life, Death and Following Traffic Rules by Apurva Rakesh – Class – VII – C – DPS Surat

I’m pretty sure that all those who are reading this article have broken at least one traffic rule in their life. It may be missing a red light or underage driving and quite a few times wondered how really these rules help us. Although I’d love to say that they’ve been made by the government for earning extra money but that’s not the case. Believe it or not these rules may prove to be the line between life and death for somebody, a red light for an elderly person who cannot cross roads like those young runners. These rules just don’t work for the drivers of the vehicle but for every citizen who uses the roads. Sometimes we don’t realise this but they do.

Apurva Rakesh

Class – VII – C

Delhi Public School Surat